THE STRAITS TIMES 2012   Manon Lescaut
'This Mimi clearly has the breath to blow out an entire churchful of candles. Her soprano rich with dark undertones and fearlessly integrated throughout its range. It is thrilling to see such a youthful and red-blooded 'Bohème'. 
Soprano Ee-Ping was an unqualified triumph - not only does she have all the vocal apparatus to pull it off musically, her acting with a panoply of facial expressions and bodily feints was totally believable. 


'Exquisite and soulful singing' 


THE STRAITS TIMES (Singapore) August 2014   Recital at The Esplanade

THE TIMES (London)    La Bohème
LIVERPOOL POST  Madame Butterfly
‘I could write the whole review in praise of soprano Ee-Ping,  from the first Act child-like coquetry to the unbearable drama of the last Act,’